Responsive webpage

New website and logo

Jacob Schmidt General

We have launched a new website and logo.

Our new website has been developed in a so-called responsive design, meaning that the page automatically adapts itself to the various platforms on the market today.

This gives us a modern website that can be accessed from smart phones, tablet computers and desktop computers. We have also got a closer connection to social media through our Youtube channel and LinkedIn profile which can be accessed directly from the homepage and where we regularly publish new and relevant content.

The logo has been updated and modernized so it has got a more modern look and feel.

The bottom of the logo is made in 3D to highlight letters and we have chosen to use three colours – orange, blue and grey. A new font is designed with our company name in the logo to highlight even more the company behind the logo.

Click around our new website and discover a more modern look and visual presentation of our company.