Social responsibility

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund

Social responsibility

Cooperation with Guldborgsund municipality

Social commitment is practiced in a large scale at A. Schillers Maskinfabrik in close cooperation with Guldborgsund municipality and The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund which belongs to the municipality.

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund consists of working communities organized in networks, i.e. profit centres with joint administration. The content of the working communities is determined and organized individually, based on the user’s needs and ability.

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund is making agreements with all users – at least once a year – in the context of general evaluation. There will also be an opportunity to change the working community, if new needs or desires.

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund
Working Community: mechanical workshop

The machine workshop of the working community is an integrated part of A. Schillers Maskinfabrik, where both users and staff are part of the machine factory.

The Social Enterprise Guldborgsund have established a comprehensive assembly of machinery consisting of 2 CNC lathes and a revolving bench. The staff is integrated in the normal way among A. Schillers Maskinfabriks own staff and is part of the social responsibility we practice.

The machine workshop’s wide experience as a supplier to the industry, meaning they can broadly offer all mechanical work at competitive prices, which include the following:

Turning – drilling – milling – shortening – threading, in short, all machining.

The department is also available, in collaboration with the customer to perform minor construction and development tasks, and can offer assembly and packaging of various items.

You can contact the Social Enterprise Guldborgsund by asking for workshop assistant John Henriksen.
Phone: 5473 3000 ·
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