A. Schillers Maskinfabrik profile

Schillers Maskinfabrik profile

A. Schillers Maskinfabrik is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that specializes in subcontracting on tasks where high reliability of supply, quality welding and measurement are key requirements.

The company is located in Nykøbing F., in the area close to Rødby havn and the Femern project offering easy access to transport by road, rail and sea. The factory has a production facility of 8,200 m² with a max. lifting capacity of 70 tons.

Know how

During the years we have gained a considerable knowledge in our work with all types of steel, ranging from ordinary structural steel of alloy boiler steel to stainless steel.

Cutting Tasks

All cutting tasks can be handled on our optical and CNC cutting machines with high accuracy.

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Our well-trained welders have welding certificates that meet the requirements of the Danish Standard in welding methods TIG, MIG / MAG, coated electrodes and submerged arc welding.

Machine workshop

In our machine workshop, we use CNC turning and milling and traditional machining and we do both tasks where processing is part of a whole, but also independent tasks.

ISO certified

In further support of the quality image A. Schillers Maskinfabrik stands for, we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and work dedicated with our quality.


Our group of customers consists mainly of national customers but we also have a number of customers in Sweden and Germany.

Together, this gives us the skills and the flexibility that is the foundation of the various tasks that we have been able to solve and is ready to solve.